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furious Fan is hot as fuck

furious Fan is hot as fuck

get to know : krystal jung (insp.)

"01.01 Yoona & Lee Seung Gi dating.
01.02 Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho dating.
04.01 Hyoyeon & Kim Jun Hyung assult/dating/broken up.
04.03 Tiffany & Nickhun dating.
04.11 Shindong & Kang Shi Nae dating.
05.14 Kris leaves Exo.
06.18 Taeyeon & Baekhyun dating.
07.23 F(x) abruptly ends Red Light promotions.
07.24 Sulli goes on an indefinite hiatus.
08.19 Sulli & Choiza dating.
09.13 Jessica & Tyler Kwon marriage rumors.
09.24 Luna dating rumors.
09.25 Sungmin & Kim Sa Eun dating.
09.29 Jessica dropped from SNSD."
2014, SM scandals  (via exodirtyconfessions)

welcome back, wufan


@shhhkim: weekly spot @coreanoskitchen #itaewon


@shhhkim: weekly spot @coreanoskitchen #itaewon

how to clean the smudges on your phone screen Yifan’s way

how to clean the smudges on your phone screen Yifan’s way

kpop 2014 so far:




The fact that we will never hear  ’my angel and my girls, my sunshine’, ‘do you believe this situation’ ‘Let’s bring it back to 1:40’, ‘You Bad Bad Bad boy, You so bad’, ‘do you wanna be my lover’ again

Or any of jessica’s amazing highnotes makes me wanna cry even more harder 


can we smuggle shinee out of sm before they get hurt too

Yifan looks so cute with his snapback ( ^◡^)

how jongin ended up with sehun for meditation


Someone might be a little jealous