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kangwoo enjoying the breeze
kangwoo enjoying the breeze

f(x) 5th anniversary countdown:
D-15 ♡ some of f(x) activities in first 2014 half

Big Byung's hot debut on Weekly Idol


blond suho: a visual history


blond suho: a visual history



I bet Kris was the one beside Baekhyun. (╥_╥)

playing “spot the yifan” is getting easier every level

These kids don’t know what art is -_-”

kyungsoo shouting at chanhun to be quiet ft. a startled sehun

[14/08/20 TAO’S MEIPAI] 玩儿的真是开心 😂 (playing around so happy �)

[aka taohun in a nutshell]

kyungsoo in bed ( ̄ω ̄)

when Suho was asked who his ideal type is

suho fell hard


What exactly does EXO mean to you?

Does it mean we hate when Kris leaves, or we sign a petition when Baekhyun finds love? Do we show them our presence through cyberbullying and hate messages, or do we smile and say, ‘"Kris, all the best!", "Byuntae, we support you!"’

There are a lot of ways to show love. It doesn’t have to be possessive. It doesn’t have to be fierce. 

It can be sincere, understanding and heartfelt.

Because as fans, we are more than what we are.

W E   A R E   O N E.